ok so i hav a story So we were driving to go eat fried chicken at this famous place that was on Tv with another chicken place that were battling over who had the best fried chicken anyway my dad smokes so he rolled down th window and a few seconds later something hit me so i said thanx for hitting me with a rock and they said u got hit with a rock ? and my mom said it Was prob an ash frm ur dads cigarette so i moved back and felt a burning pain and i lookd IT WAS A HORNET SO Im pressed against th roof of th car spazzing out bcuz im terrified by wasps bees hornets and all those not snakes but ya those stupid insects tht r evrywhere but we pulled over and i ran a few feet away while my dad got th HORNET and killed it SO YA I WAS STUNG ON TH BUTT BY A HORNET BECUZ OF MY DADS NASTY SMOKING HABIT =_=
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