I've been thinking about all my wolf characters and I've come up with names and all that crap. Well here they are:

Darkblaze-black she-wolf with red eyes and markings.(Has a prophecy all about her.)

Zen-white tom with light blue eyes.(Darkblaze's brother.)

Goldenhawk-golden-yellow she-wolf with green eyes.(Darkblaze's and Zen's sister.)

Kay-white she-wolf with blue eyes and stripes.(Darkblaze's, Zen's, and Goldenhawk's mother.)

Fern-brown tom with green eyes.(Xion pack leader.)

Cloud-pure white she-wolf with green eyes.(Fern's mate)

Rain-bluish-grey tom with grey eyes.

Pine-grey tom with brown eyes.

Sneeze-black tom with blue eyes and a really bad case of the snuffles.

Iceflame-black she-cat with blue eyes and marking on muzzle.(A silence wolf; Darkblaze's arch-enemy.)

Topics: DK787, wolves, book, traits
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