The sun was hot on her h.appy- haha. fur it was spring and the wheather was nice and she was out hunting. *pat pat pat* there! She turned to where she had hered the sound, and sure enough the was a tiny brown mouse nibbeling on a chestnut.Dinner!. she thought, she got down on her hunches and began stalking it makeing sure she dident step on crunchy leafs or step on sticks."KITTY" her no-hair Jane called from behind her. She looked over and meowed in frustration becase her no-hair had scared away her dinner....she shighed and walked over to her purring with fauls content.She picked me up and carried me into her house where she pulled out a can of tuna and mixed it with my favorite cat food...Friskys. Yum i sapose this would make up for the mouse. When i was eating my food my other no-hair a male one who i call Criss  came to  Jane and he started rapidly talking,I hered my name a few times so i guessed thay where talking about me. after i fineshed my food Criss scooped me up and i noticed he was carrieing a tiny box....i think that thay call them cages? Criss tossed me carlessly inside knocking me out.~~~~~Later i woke up in a small room only big enoghf for maby jane and Criss to come in. I waited for a while and ate some of the food thay left for me and soon after that Criss and Jane walked in and started agueing about me saying stuff like we cant keep her an more and it costs to much mony and no Criss she needs to stay here! But clearly Criss won the argument becase Jane started crying.I had no clue what so ever what thay where talking about but i knew i dident like it at all. I curled up in a ball and soon fell asleep to the sound of the fan swirling around.~~~~She once again woke up to find she was in a difrent place this time she was in a forest with large green ferns and bushes and trees as far as the eyes could see. "ok im kinda getting tired of this" she muttered pulling her self up and grooming her soft pelt. I looked around and sall a bush with a pair of blue-ish white eyes string back at me. "whos there?" i yelled i crawled to the bush with my tail behind my legs "RAWR" a cat jumped out from the bushes and landed on me makeing me fall back "gotchya!" the strange cat mewed. the cat was a orange bangle she-cat with milky white eyes. strange i dident know eyes could come in that couler? she thoght "who are you" i said again "oh" the cat said "my name is spotty who are you?" "my names moona" i said to spotty i looked at her neck and noticed a small bright green coller "you must be a house cat right?" spotty nodded "but i dont realy live with them i only get food every once and a while when i run out" "i used to live in a house as well but im not sure if i still do..." i trailed off "why dont you live with them any more, i mean most no-hairs are realy nice?" i shuffled my paws and begane to tell her my story and every now and then spotty would entarupt with and ohhhhh or an ahhhhhh. "well moona it seems you need a place to stay and i hae a friend who knows a good spot her name is Contress, if you want we can set out to find her now?" i nodded "the sooner i find a place to stay the better" "allright kiddo lets get this show on the road" spotty raced ahead only to bump head first into a tree "SPOTTY are you ok" i called running after her "i hate being blind" spotty mummbled "your blind?" moonas eyes grew with suprize  "well duh look at my eyes and to think i thoght i was the blind one" she mutters as i help her to her feet "but how are we going to find Contress?" "well like i said kid i know my way around here!" i stared at her with disbaleath "you just walked right into a tree and your saying you know your way around?" before spotty could anser we hered a yowl from some trees as a tall h.appy- haha. and brown she-cat pounced out from them "Contress is that you?" spotty called "how could you tell it was me old friend?" contress purred then contress turned to me and somthing about her warm face seamed famillerer she pushed the thoght from her mind "hello you must be?" contress mewed "i am Moona and im looking for a home"

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