"Gah! How did the tape come off?!" France asked to no one in particular. 

"It just did." I lied, "You probably didn't check if it was actually stuck on."

France walked in front of me and observed me. "Well, then.... if it jas come to this I will have to-"

"EEEEEK!!" I closed my eyes in fear expecting France to kick me. 

"Haha. I'm not going to hurt you...I'm just gonna well...."France trailed off with a dreamy smile.

A number of bad thoughts flooded my head, and I wished that I had took the other way to school. 

"Hey, France-nii san, is that you?" a voice came from the bushes. Italy popped up with a curious but confused look on his face.

"Ah! uhhhhh...Hi Italy. I was just....I just found ________here tied to a tree." France made up a story.

"France-nii san, you can't bully girls like that, it's not nice."Italy scolded.

I was amazed at Italy's cluelessness.

"I wasn't bullying her!" France snapped, "I was just here to untie her."

"No you weren't." Italy frowned.

"gaaaahhh..."France sighed with disgust of the situation.

"You should apologize France-nii san." Italy demanded in a tone he never used.

"I'm sorry." France muttered. Then he slowly drifted off farther into the woods.

Italy watched him for a while, and rushed to untie me.He grabbed my wrists and looked me straight in the eye."Are you hurt?"

"No. I'm fine. Thanks Italy." I smiled. Despite how angry I was before, a fuzzy warm feeling swept through me when I noticed Italy was really concerned.

"We should go back to school, Japan and Germany are waiting." Italy lifted me up onto my feet, let go of my wrist, and started to lead.

I followed right behind him in a daze. I still felt Italy's hand wrapped around my wrist.

When we reached the school, Japan had the most worried look I've ever seen in a century.

"I thought you were kidnapped!" Japan gasped.

"Well, actually I was. Fra-"

"She fell asleep in the woods." Italy cut me off.

"What??!!!! ______! Don't do such careless things!" Japan almost yelled.

"Somebody could have done something to you." Germany shifted his glasses. 

I had a feeling he was thinking about France when he said that. 

Embarrased I squeaked "Sorry." 

"Germany, I'm thirsty! could you get us some drinks?" Italy suddenly changed the subject.

"What? Why don't you get one yourself?" Germany replied

"Because I'm scared of the cafe lady." Italy whimpered.

"Fine." Germany grunted, "Do you guys want anything?"

"Oh, no. I'm fine." Japan declined.

"I'm not thirsty." I answered. 

"Ok. Italy, I'm just going to get you fruit punch." Germany turned to leave.

"I want wine!" Italy whined. (LOL... pun)

"Alcoholic drinks are not permitted on campus." Germany reminded him with a grim expression. Then he left.

"Probably thinking about beer." I whispered to Italy.

"Yeah." he whispered back.

"Why did you say I fell asleep?" I asked Italy, voice still a whisper so Japan couldn't hear. 

"Oh, because then France-nii san wouldn't be able to get along with other countries." Italy replied. 

"Rrrrriiiinggggg" The campus bell rang. It was 5:00. The campus bell rings every hour after school.

"Hey, aren't you going to be late to the carnival?" I asked, although I didn't want to bring up the subject.

"Oh yeah... but I haven't even asked my date if she wanted to go. You want to help me find her?" Italy offered.

"Sure..." I wanted to see the type of girl Italy was interested in anyway.

"Ok! lets go!!!! Lets start by looking thorugh the school!" Italy walked off towards the school.

I looked back at Japan and he had a sympathetic look on his face.

"Wait for me!" I called to Italy.

To be con.t yay! escaped France....

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