Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flamekit screamed, Scourgekit and Scarkit ran over to her and found her hanging off the edge of the waterfall, water pouring on her back a fur bristling in the wind their faces in shock about their best freind hanging. We have to do somthing Tiny called, I will go down and she can climb on me and you can go tell Russetfur and she will see if she has any cuts. Scar runs towards the medicine cats den and Tiny loward her paw and Flames grabed her and carried her on her back walking to the medicine cats den, she put Flames down safley on the bedding. Russet glared... holly StarClan she mumbled so the kits couldnt hear, she speaked up, looks like she has a wound on her hind left leg and her leg snapped outta place. She told Tiny and Scar to leave they heard a little voice coming out of the den...

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