Okay, this is how u get cobalion. First, put a level 40- 45 pokemon in ur first slot in ur party. (the cobalion will be lv. 42)Buy 40-50 ultra balls, UNLESS you have a master ball (u can just use that)Go to Mistralton cave(right up the road from driftveil city) go to the deepest part of it, called guidance chamber, and talk to the old man. He`ll tell u a boring story about the legend of cobalion. Next, you go to the back of the guidance chamber, and cobalion will be there! Watch out for its fighting type move- sacred sword! Its type is steel- fighting. I hope this helps! :D

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Quote:Originally posted by: ladyheart
I will follow your instruction, I will give myself a try.
how to draw picachu
ok, hope you find them :3
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