Chapter one in "I won't fight"! Tell me what you think!

        I can never begin anything, so I guess I will start with my first name. Carla Washington. I commonly get asked if I am related to George Washington. I tell them no, even if I'm not so sure. I don't have any friends, really. But I don't mind.

        "Carla. It's your turn to present your project." My teacher, Mr. Wilkins says. I sigh and get up.

        "My project was on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. You see..." I start. Mr. Wilkins says " You do too many assassinations." Everyone else laughs. I want to scream "It's because my father was assassinated!" But I don't. Instead I just sit down and slouch in my seat. No one really seems to care about what I say. I don't care either.

        I sit in my regular spot, alone at a table for lunch. My head in my hand, I poke at the 'meatloaf', then get a discussed look on my face.

      "Do you mind if I sit here?" A kind voice asks. I look up and turn red. Oh my god! I think. I nod, and he sits down. He has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and is tall and average weight, I'd estimate. We get to talking. His name is Nathan Beckner. He has a slight French accent, and I think it is so cute. He just started coming here from Ohio. My heart melts at how his father was assassinated, just like mine, and we are both in the Assassination Protection Program, APP for short. He and I accompany each other to the next class. I'm happy to know I actually have a friend.

        While I am "listening" to my class, Nathan passes me a note. It says 'Kayla, duck.' I turn to him. He's pointing toward his desk, and nonchalantly outside. I glance outside. I see a big dark van and a bunch of men in suits. I raise my hand and get the bathroom pass. Nathan joins me. We soon hear screaming.

        "Kayla, run!" He whispers urgently. He takes my hand and we are running. We get to a janitor's office and slump to the ground.

      "It's Carla." I say.

      "Huh?" He asks, confused.

      "My name. It's Carla." He nods and stands up. He has a hand on his shoulder. I look out the door slightly.

      "Check every room! They do not leave this building!" One man yells.

      "Oh great. This is just damn great!" Nathan yells, punching a wall.

      "Don't say that. Just give me a chance to think something up." I say, putting my hand on his shoulder.

      We wait for them to come, as I think up a plan. I tell Nathan to switch me clothes.

      "Um, what is the point of this exactly?" He asks as we change.

      "So that they think we're different people." I reply. The exchange is complete. I snicker at the sight of him.

      "Well, I don't think this looks right."

      "Don't worry. It's just for now. Alright?"

      He sighs and nods. We get out to the hall and find a bunch of dead bodies. Some are stabbed, some are shot, some are strangled. There is blood everywhere- The floor, the walls, and there is a short trail of bloody foot prints. Nathan, or "Naomi" and I separate. I have his hood on from the hoodie. He has my baseball cap on. I hear a gun click near me.

    "Who are you?" He demands. I put my hands up in mock defeat.

    "Answer me! Who are you?" He demands again. I know ASL, and I sign 'I'm mute.' He seems to know it too, because he says "Oh. Well, take care. If you see Kayla Washington or Nathan Beckner, let me know." He leaves. I think  It's Carla!

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