Hi, my name is Tiny, I am only a kit, but I have faced so much, pack of dogs, cat acttack you name it. I have two sisters and only one brother, Ice my younger sister, Scar my twin sister and Rowan, my younger brother. Our mom is Claw, but she got murderd from WindClan, and Scourge our dad, well you know probaly what happend, that stupid Firetstar. Scourge is not leader anymore, now Bone is. As deputy is Scarlet, in BloodClan, since Scourge died, BloodClan is not safe for us. So now we live in ShadowClan.  Why did me and my sisters get these horrible names? Well all the things that we been through. I got my name cause' I am tottaly from my dads side, tiny and a high pitched voice. Scar, wasnt lucky either, RiverClan acttacked then got scars on her side of her face. Ice, is blind, shes had that scar ever since our first leafbare, she plunted in the ice on her eye, which left an icy scar. Today we will come apprentices but somthing goes wrong, and we have to face the hardest decision of my entire life...

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