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  Icekit scented the air. All the scents of the camp washed over her nose. Cats, herbs, plants, water, stone, fresh-kill...! Finally she scented Lightningstar.

"All cats able to catch there own prey come join us for a Clan Meeting!" The golden tom shouted from the ledge of the Ice-tower. "As you all know that a certain kit has reached six moons old. Icekit from this point on you shall be known as Icepaw. I trust in you to be strong and brave just like you mother, Icestar."

Icepaw burst with excitement. "Thank you, Lightningstar, thank you!" She leaned forward and rested her muzzle on his shoulder.

"Brokentooth, you are pure courage and understanding so I have agreed to make you her mentor. she dashed over to her new mento and licked his ear.

"So what are we going to first?" She tried not to squeal in excitement. "Battle training, hunting, border patrol..."

"No, today were collecting moss and weeds for the elders bedding." He said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"That's it?"

"Then after that we are going to collect stones and shells to reenforce the warriors' den." And he set of toward the cave opening. Icepaw ran after him, but had a hard time keeping up with her puny legs.

"Here we are." He said once they reached small caves on the sides of the camp. "You got a lot of stuff to gather so get moving!"

Later that day, when she was done with all her work, she was exhausted. The clans elders, Lionfur and Chaffinchfeather, had thanked her for the moss. Also her and Brokentooth had worked on the warriors' den all day. Icepaw plopped down in her nest. Her littermates' nest circled her own, Ivypaw, Featherpaw, Darkpaw and Volepaw. Icepaw couldn't wait for tommorrow. Brokentooth had told her that they would be hunting the next day. As she thought about all the juicy prey she could catch the next day, she drifted into sleep.

"Icepaw wakeup Brokentooth Whitecloud have agreed to go hunting together!" A excited voice said. She looked up to see Volepaw staring at her with gleaming eyes. She heaved herself up and staggered out of the den. They met their mentors in the clearing and set out of camp. Since their camp was an air pocket under the lake they had to swim up to the surface. Icepaw had never swam before so the thought of jumping into the freezing cold water scared her.

"What are you waiting for Icepaw? Jump in!" Volepaw teased. She tensed her muscles and plunged into the water. The water was like icy flames on her skin. She pushed herself to the surface and gave a great big gasp for air.

"Great job for a beginer," Brokentooth exclaimed. "Usually we have so drag the newbies to the surface."

"Thanks." She said hoarsly. Once they reached land, Brokentooth taught her the basic stalking technique. They set into the woodland in pairs.

By the end of hunt she had caught two scrawny, old shrews ,but she was still proud for making a catch on the first day. When they reached the bank Icepaw caught a glance at some large, brown creatures in the distance.

"What are those?" She asked.

"Beavers. They might look harmless but we've had some trouble with them in the past." Whitecloud responded. She stared at the sharp, yellow teeth and pointy claws. Then she spotted a shiny blue gleam right ina patch of wood chippings by the beavers. Bluefire and Roaringwater's kits would love to play with that! She thought. She crept toward the shiny thing slowly.

"What in the name of StarClan are you doing Icepaw?" She didn't listen though. When she had almost reached the shiny thing, she cracked a twig. Almost at once the beavers jerked their huge heads toward her. A ran down her spine as the beavers closed in on her.

"Help!" She cried, but it was too late. One sharp claw slid down her eye lid. "Yoooooooowwwwww!" She was blinded by the crimson blood welling out of her flesh. She fell to the ground and the beavers waddled away. She sensed the pounding feet of her clanmates racing toward her.

"Someone, fetch Mouseclaw!" Brokentooth yowled to the sky.

To be continued...

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It says mento in paragraph 4, no offence! GREAT story!!! ps: u should continue makin stories!
  • April 15, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: Scourge435
It says mento in paragraph 4, no offence! GREAT story!!! ps: u should continue makin stories!
lol oh well!
  • April 15, 2011
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