We’re alone. Me and him. Him and me. I’m in the shadows, lurking. Heh, he doesn’t suspect a thing. The fool. Lucky for him, it’ll be quick and painless.

I  creep from the darkness with the practiced grace of a panther. I make no noise whatsoever. Silently, I raise the black jewel-encrusted dagger I inherited from my unknown family. When I’m a step away, I cover his mouth with my hand and swiftly but neatly slit his throat. He falls limp a moment later. Not skipping a beat, I place him against the alley wall for a passer-by or a garbage man to discover and evacuate the scene and escape to the rooftops.

I’m sure he’d been warned not to take unnecessary risks and walk around alone in the dim. They never do listen.

Our companies have been at this for a while now. We are cryptic bureaus of science. We rival each other in scientific progress and success. We even resort to assassination. I double as a scientist as well as an assassin. A white lab coat during day, helping the society with our findings. A darkly clad figure at night, supporting my company with the deaths of our rival association.

I’m the only assassin though. I’m the only one with athletic aptitude. And no one but our director knows of my murderous achievements. Our rivals have many hired guns. Many of ours have fallen. But I’m an adept now, and can easily match numbers.

“Pass card,” the automated voice from the hidden speakers prompts. I flash my white card in front of the sensors. Immediately, a red beam of light scans me head to toe and a previously concealed steel trapdoor opens, steam seeping into the cool night air. I quickly scan my surroundings for any hidden onlookers then, finding none, descend into the passageway.

The white, narrow hallway is empty, so I quickly make use of the vacancy and slip into a restroom which is also, luckily, empty. I change into my lab coat, which I had stashed away inside a vent before my little night time caper. I don’t want unnecessary questions regarding why I’m dressed in unusual attire. Not encountering any of my co-workers, I make my way over to the director’s office in a dislocated part of the underground building.

“Elliott,” the director addresses me as soon as I enter his office. “I assume your mission was successful?”

“Sir yes sir,” I salute mockingly.

The director ignores my sarcasm and continues, “Then I also assume no one from the beginning to the end has seen and followed you?” I just roll my eyes and cross my arms. I’ve been performing this grisly task for several years now, and have yet to screw up. He scrutinizes me for a moment then reluctantly dismisses me.

On the occasions where I have to execute assassinations I’m granted a few hours of peaceful solitude for my duties. In the beginning, many of my associates questioned my frequent disappearances from work, but after some time the suspicion faded, mostly due to the director’s persuasive reassurances that he had burdened me a new secondary ‘job’ that was physically laborious. Most were glad they weren’t chosen. The majority of our scientists were out of shape- their hearts almost never raced in their chests, except for when something new was discovered.

In the restroom I change once more, but this time into more casual clothing, which is tucked away with my black garb. Minutes later I’m breathing in the cool night air. On these nights I like to explore the city. This time I decide to meander around the local park.

Taking my sweet time, I make my way to the park. It’s beautiful by day, and still alluring at night, but with an eerier edge to it. It’s a wonderfully clear, spring night, nearing summer. The trees are blooming with blossoms, petals dancing in the wind, finally coming to rest on the calm surface of the pond. The moon’s full, and is casting a luminescent glow in both the sky and water. I come to stand at the water’s edge and take in the nightly scene. I have an uncanny feeling, but I let it go, thinking it’s just an afterthought of remorse for the deed I committed not long before.

Sighing, I tilt my head up and breathe in deeply. I close my eyes. They don’t open again.

------------------------------------------------------- --------------

**So that's the first part. I'll post the last part tomorrow if I have time.

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