If you were on China's side. (Scroll down for Axis side)

"Aiyaa!!!" you take out your wok and ladle similiar to that of China's and threaten the Axis. Germany takes out his pistol, and Japan takes out his sword, you ignore Italy who is whining and waving his flag. Germany yells " I won't lose to the likes of you!" and lunges at you. Your expert Shaolin moves help you dodge him and block his pistol with your ladle. You then  bring down your wok hard on to Germany's head and knock him out. You quickly turn to Japan and give him one of those "You're next!" type of looks. However, Japan's stare is unwavered and he swings with his shining samurai sword. China's word echo in your head as you think quickly of what to do "analyze the opponents moves with your instincts at hand!" Fast as lightning, you swing you wok the same way China has told you to and busted the sword out of Japan's hand. Japan, shocked, turned back to see where his sword went, and you, taking the chance, knocked him out as well. Next you look at the helpless Italy crying for Germany. Of course you have no sympathy for this country you get ready to deliver the finishing blow and... (scroll down to the ***)

If you are on the Axis' side. (you have to read from Italy's view even if you are on Germany/Japan's army)

Germany quickly takes out his pistol and fights head on with China. Japan readies his sword for further assistance. "Germany!!!" you sob while swinging your handmade white c.ig back and forth. You watch through your squinted eyes as Germany gets hit by a wok and Japan lose his sword. The soldier from China's army looks at you threatingly. "Don't hurt me!" you cry, "I'll do anything just don't hurt me-" The ocean wind suddenly become stong and...(scroll down to the ***)

*** A shimmering image of a man appears in the broad daylight. You squint as you try to make out  the figrue. "Have i seen him before?" you think. Suddenly, it goes dark and spot lights appear out of no where. The man is wearing gladiator like armor and has unruly short brown hair. The man opens his mouth and starts singing, "Listen now as I tell you what hell would be..." You know this song. you have heard it before... you sit and stare as the man sings with  his melodious voice. When he finally finishes with a " and of course your lover would naturally be Italian wohoo!" he dissappears.Japan stands up and scratches his head," Who in the world was that?" Italy smiles and his tears dissappear, "Grandpa Rome..."

The End


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