______ means where your name goes.

You enters Russia's house..expecting Belarus to jump on you and demand why you are in Russia's house. But nothing comes. Lithuania  appears from the hallway, "ah, hello.. I guess you will be joining us now." Russia puts his hand on your shoulderand smiles, "Lithuania, take______ to his/her new room. Enjoy your life long stay!" then he wanders off to find Latvia who you see is hiding behind the stair case.

Lithuania directs you to your room, " Your room is in between Russia and Latvia's room, go ahead and get comfortable, dinner will be at 7." * (go to 1 if you were excited to join Russia, go to 2 if you were just wanting to save your life from Russia or was forced to)

1: you look around the room and giggle with delight. "Im closer to Russia now!" you squeal. Hurriedly, you stuff your clothes in the dresser and go down stairs to dinner. "I should get a seat next to Russia!" you open the door to the dining hall and see the Russia is sitting in between Latvia and Belarus. You pout at the sight of Belarus and sit next to Latvia and glare at Belarus... from this day on, you became rivals with Belarus, and Russia became scared of you as well.

2: you sigh and look around your new room, "Go ahead and get comfortable.." Lithuania's voice echoes in your head... "Get comfortable? yeah right" you slowly unpack your things and walk down to dinner. Belarus notices you and gives you one of those eeire looks. to avoid conflict you sit next to Estonia. Russia starts giggling for some reason when Lithuania sat on the other side of you. Then, as soon as Lithuania sat down, the chair colapsed. Russia's laughed and you did to. Belarus just stared.. Estonia and Latvia held their breaths. "Are you okay?" you ask Lithuania half laughing, you offer him a hand. "Yeah im fine." He takes your hand and looks awkwardly at Russia, "What did you do Russia?"

"What did i do? ufufufu. I loosened the screws on your chair so you would fall." Russia answers. "I admit, it was sorta funny." you add. Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia look at you with fear. Russia looked at you a bit shocked and smiled. You immediately gained respect of the Baltic trio, and Russia's premade plans of scaring you never happened. apparently Russia has taken a liking to you and doesnt bully you. Despite being one mof the lucky ones in Russia's house, you have to deal with Belarus's hisses and screaches as she tries to break into Russia's room.

The End

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