GOD ANOTHER ONE?! Well enjoy, hetalia fanfiction.


Chapter 1-

Germany's POV-

It's almost the end of the school year. It's Match 1rst, "Doitsu!Doitsu! It's almost my birthday! March 17th!" Sang Italy as he collasped on me. "STAY AVAY VROM ME!" I snapped. My hands had fixed my tie and sighed. " Yes, I know it's your birthday." Italy grinned, his head held high. "So..what's my gift." I sighed once more. "It's not your birthday yet!" I scolded him. That brat.

Italy, once stuffing his mouth with pasta still smiled. "Taste it doitsu!" He smiled shoving tthe spoon to my fingers. "I have no need to taste your food!" I snapped shoving it back. His closed eyes slumped and a frown on his face. Tears bagan to flood his eyes. "D-Doitsu?" He pouted.

" What do you vant?" I snapped. I just want this semester to end! Italy smiled again. "My pasta isn't bad though! Please taste! Bye! Ve ve ve~" He smiled running back to his seat. I stared at the large bowl of pasta. "Erm." I mumbled. "Only wurst is good for me." I said rolling my heavy eyes.

I shoved the bowl in my backpack. I don't even like pasta! That wimp! My mind went blank as the teacher came in. Time to focus...Italy handed me a note when the teacher explained about history. I glanced down at the note, reading it.

Hello Germany! <33

I glared at him. Mouthing words "This is not the time". The teacher, his eyes glaring at me. "Give me that Ludwig." He ordered. I looked around with wide eyes. "Uh-ah-yes sir." I was in the center of attenstion as more then 30 eyes staring at me. I gave the note and went back to my seat. "Oh Germany. You're in detention." Replied the teacher.

My eyes laid eyes to Italy on lock. Never had I gotten detention! All because of that wimp!

Japan POV

Walking to the lond steep hallway. It was almost time for Asian Class to begin. As I had stepped on the marble floors my eyes rolled to the janiter's closet. Nobody was near me. I had slowly enterred the closet, shutting it quietly.

I rumeged through my backpack hunting for my new box set. My hands took out a hot pink manga filled with anthro's. The Tokyo Mew Mew manga was what I had searched for. The pages had flipped to page 15, where I was up to. Reading the book from right to left.

I slowly had mouthed the words. My legs had made space in the cramped janiter's room. The dusty broom fell, as a sponge flinged through my head. As I ignore the mess I sighed. This wasn't a good reading place as I had thought of.

The principle passed by the closet and had heard loud noises ringing from the tiny closet. As he slowly opened the closet a bright light flashed in my dark eyes. It was an image of a dark man with a spot of hair.

"DETENTION!" Snapped the principle as he shoved the post it note towards my arms. At least I could get peace in there.


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