Oh yeah, long weekend. Today was a good day. Smile Though it started out cruddy since I had volunteering after school and forgot my club t-shirt. I was so ticked at myself for the whole first block.

Second block was better. P.E. We didn't have to do laps or whatever for once but we had our gymnastics evaluations. We got to choose two of the apparatus to be graded on. I chose the uneven bars and balance beam- got full marks on both. :D

Lunch and art were pretty dull. In science we had a test. Geh, I didn't study enough and was stuck on a couple of the questions (yay for educated guessing).

Volunteering wasn't bad. We had a sort of performance thing for seniors and our club helped get everything set up. We were supposed to mingle with the folk, but, I dunno, I dislike social gatherings. Plus I have no idea what to discuss with a bunch of elderly strangers. But we got to eat food. Oh how I love food. After all the performances and things, we cleaned up. Ahh, it was fun. I got home at around 7:00 though so I'm tired.

Now it's the long weekend- four whole days of blissful dullness. XD

Topics: long, weekend, easter, yay
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