I finally decided on a manga. :D Its not one of the ones I was pondering on the previous blog, but a new one I came up with. The ones before have long storylines, but this new one will only about three chapters long (maybe one or two more, if it has to be).

I already have the character outlines, the plot, and the first chapter scripted. I can probably have the first chapter done in a couple of weeks if I put my mind to it. I'd start immediately, but I have homework to do (its a drawing of my room, with labels of the things in French, but I gotta fineline and color it too @[email protected]).

Anyway, it's a romance. Personally, I'm not much of a romantic, but romance is the easiest to do, so what the heck. Like the blog title, it's called "Forbidden Fruit". It's about a Guardian Angel who falls in love with the boy she's watching over. I have it all mapped out, but that's pretty much all I'll tell you. Eh, I'll give names too. The angel's name is Maeka, the boy's name is Ray, and Maeka's supervisor(called Dominions) is named Vryon.

I'm pretty excited to get this thing going, but I'd like moral support too. So cheer me on!!!  (or not... :C) X3

Topics: manga, forbidden, fruit
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