So I wrote this song for this guy, I will have some piano added to it later and uploaded to YouTube as fast as I can.Smile but anyways...only two ppl probably know for sure who this is dedicated to. 1.)the guy I like 2.)my bff on this site, so I hope the guy I like sees it or my bff sees it and tells the guy to look at it....anyways...hope my fans look at it too.Smile) thanks to all my cute little seals on here, and yes I call my fans my seals....long story, it's an old song I I'm going to stop rambling now so u can enjoy the song.Smile thanks so much ppl!!:D


This Song I Wrote For You 

                ByTonguearker Hutson


I know I've had my moments, but you have had yours too. And after all this time, I've got some things to confess to you. Ohh.. I'm trying to say them, but I guess they're not coming through. So I guess I'll sing them to try to get them to...

And ohh..I'm falling for you, and I'm not coming back cause I'm stuck like glue. I know exactly who you are, and I'm glad we've got this far. And all I can say is, what I'm feelin'..for you, is what I'm singin' in this song I wrote for you.

I know we've had some rough times, but the good ones conquer over all. I held you tightly so you wouldn't break, and you help me up when I would fall. So it's time I confess to you all these feelings I'm feelin' for you.

And I think I'm falling for you, (falling for you) oh oh!.. I'm not coming back cause I'm stuck like glue, stuck like glue, yea...

I just want to say, I can't wait for your reply every day.

Cause I love you (I love you). I love you, I'm confessing it to this song I wrote for you....


I wrote


Okay. So I just wanted to say this so I have no song stealers...but I have copywrited all my songs I have posted so far, so unless u want to pay me a pretty good price of cash, or u WANT to end up in the slammer...I suggest u not even try to steal them from me. Thank u.Smile

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