It was first period, when France-san and England-san announced the winning movie.

"Good morning stooooooooooooooooooodents! This is your beautiful vice president, France! The country filled with love and glamour! Anyway, the movie we are going to watch today at sixth period is....wait for it.....pause for suspense...."The Lady and the Tramp!" A wonderful love story between two dogs and, HEY!!! England! what are you trying to do?! hey! don't take the microphone from me! I-"France was cut off before he could say something.

"Sorry everyone, I should never let France do the morning announcements. Not only is movie day today, but tomorrow is- GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" England screamed.

Those two always fight...

"England! You need to make me do the romantic parts! Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen, tomorow is the day the carnival opens at the neighboring town." France said in a gentle deep voice. (the tone that he uses when he flirts) "However,  it is only open for lovers on the first day. I here have four tickets for two couples. So boys, if you wanna take your special lady on a wonderful trip, come to the office after school and see if lyou can win! Goodbye!" 

Yes I thought, I get to watch "The Lady and the Tramp!" Whatever France said about the carnival didn't matter to me. At least....until later. 

* * *

"That movie was so adorable!" I squealed, walking out of the auditorium where the movie was played. 

"Isn't it? I love the pasta scene!" Italy smiled.

"They were dogs..."Germany mumbled. He always has to put reality in to fantasy.

"Too bad Japan couldn't watch." I sighed. Japan had work to do so he couldn't watch the movie.

"Oh yeah! I need to go to the office!" Italy panicked.

"Why?!" I asked

"'Cuz I need to get the tickets for the carnival! See ya!" the Italy ran off.

"Hey wait! Italy! We're supposed to help Japan with-ITALLLYYYY!!!!" Germany yelled with his intimidating voice at Italy, (as usual), and ran after him.

"Ahahaha....bye." I laughed meekly. I turned to go to my dorm, and gasped. Italy went to go get carnival tickets? My eyes widened and glazed over. Who is he going to go with? Germany? No, that is strange. Another girl? I tried to think of a girl in this school who Italy was particualrily tied with, but it was impossible because he flirts with every cute girl....

I walked to my dorm slowly. With every step, my desire of becoming Italy's girlfriend decreased. Tears started well up in my eyes and I dashed down the hallway. Stupid Italy, stupid Italy... I thought.

Suddenly, someone's hand grabbed my shoulder. "_____-chan?"

It was Japan.

I cried out loud and hugged him and started sobbing into his shoulder. 

"Ah! What's wrong, _____-chan?" Japan asked.

I stopped my crying and stepped back. Sniffing back my tears I gasped, "Nothing." 

"Then why are you crying?" Japan looked at me with worried eyes.

"It's just that, it's just tha..." I hiccuped. Then I turned around the other way and sprinted away as fast as I could all the way to my dorm room. 

As soon as I got into my room, I sat down and cried some more. At that point for some reason, tears wouldn't come out. I got up and picked up the picture of Italy I drew the other day. A wave of hate flowed through my body and I had the urge to rip up the drawing to shreds. I grabbed the middle of the paper with both of my hands and closed my eyes. I tried to rip it but I couldn't, My heart wouldn't let me...

I dropped the paper and put my face in my hands. What am I doing? I thought.

To be cont.    oh this is getting goooooodddddd.......

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Oh wow that's a great passage :D write more ^W^! Oh and I love the first part about England and France XD!
  • May 3, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: mimiskyOh wow that's a great passage :D write more ^W^! Oh and I love the first part about England and France XD! Thank you!!!  I tried being "realistic". lol I will.... 
  • May 4, 2011
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