The next day I walked really slowly to first period and skipped breakfast. The world lost its color, and people's words were slurred. Nothing seemed to appeal to me. I ignored teachers that passed by me when they said "Good morning". I even ignored Mr.Austria. One of my friends came by and tried to talk to me, but she went away after she realized that I wasn't going to respond.

Life is horrible, I thought to myself. I tried convincing myself into thinking that there are other guys in the world...but it was impossible, thinking that I was in a world wide school...

"______-chan!" Japan ran up to me.

I looked up.

"Why. Are. You. So. Depressed?" Japan managed to say through gasps of air.

"Something bad happened thats all..." I mumbled.

"Is that so?" Japan straightened his jacket. He took a deep breath and watched the passersby go by for a while.Then he looked at me with his caring older brother eyes and bent over a bit to look me straight in the eye. "I don't know why you are so sad, but it doesn't change the fact you are making me sad too."

I blushed at the cheesy words Japan said.

" I don't know if this will cheer you up but... how about we go to the ice cream shop after school? My treat." Japan offered.

My weakness, ice cream. When I was little, if a dead whale appeared on the shores of my country, I would go on a non-stop crying streak. Japan knew I didn't like to see dead animals,( especially on my country), so he would take me out to ice cream and tell me that the whale probably went to a better place, like whale heaven.

"Ok" I managed to smile.

Japan smiled too and said, " Meet you at Ice&Go." Then he turned around and left.

The thought of ice cream lifted my spirits a little, but I still was depressed about Italy. The classes came and went, and soon I was at Ice&Go with Japan. He had a green tea ice cream with azuki paste, ( azuki is sweetened red bean mushed up), and I had a melon berry swirl. 

Japan watched me for a while as I ate, probably remembering the days when I was little. Suddenly he said, " You always get ice cream flavors that are fruit."

"So?" I took a bite and swallowed, " You always get those 'classic Japanese flaovrs'!"

Japan only smiled, " I was only observing. You never got flavors like chocolate, cookie dough, or even mint." 

I shrugged and continued eating my ice cream.

We ate in silence for a while, until Japan brought up a topic that related to Italy.

"Hey_______- chan, Have you ever tried gelato, Italian ice cream?" 

I almost choked on some ice cream. A feeling of discomfort creeped into my head,and the memory of Italy and the carnival started tugging on my heart.

Before I could reply, Japan's phone started ringing, and he went away so he could answer it. 

I sat there by myself. Staring into the swirls of green, pink and purple of my ice cream. The devil to my right, and the angel to my left.

"You should try gelato,"Said the angel me, " It's probably good if it's Italian."

"No, why do you need to try Italian ice cream? Forget about that country. Besides, you have delicious ice cream right here." the devil me argued.

"That's true." I muttered to myself. I shook the angel and devil away and decided not to try gelato if Japan offered to buy me some.

I don't need gelato, I don't need Italy. I assured myself. 

To be cont.... GELATOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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lol ice cream..........
  • May 4, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: Scourge435lol ice cream..........yep... Ice cream.... food is the key to a man's heart... vice versa... that is the hint of the next part!
  • May 4, 2011
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Awesome >:D! Ice cream is also awesome~
  • May 5, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: mimiskyAwesome >:D! Ice cream is also awesome~
thank you!!!! I love writing stories.
  • May 5, 2011
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