Ok, MIA(in this case) does NOT stand for missing in action but Mutant Investigation Agency. It's the name of one of my newest books. You see, there are four main characters and one of them just got put in the hospital because of a bomb(or something) that one of her commrads threw at the, ugh, thingy(monster). So, that happened. But THing is I don't know what to do in the book next.

This book is the first book I've ever done with someone else. He is the master mind(one of the four masterminds) behind this book. JOHN CREASTION(<not his real name but it is for privacy's sake, GOT IT!?)! He is my cousin. Anyways, for those who read my bogs(though I don't think there's many) please mail me ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! signing out, Angelus

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