this is in memory off all my past pets. Guard was my best dog when l was little. he had a nose infection and was put on steroids and had seizures and eventually was put down, his brother, Mufasa ended up living longest Mufasa was nice to most no one else but me.Guard was a Rottweiler chow chow mix and that is why l love rotties to this day. Hershey was my kitty i raised from a kitten he was found in a dump. as he grew my mom got hives and we assumed she was allergic to cats so he stayed behind with dad when me and mom moved out. After we left he tried escaping and dad couldn't afford windows and got rid off him and now i have no idea were he is. Della was my moms rat and she was so cute and cuddly the vet thought she was a he so her name was Dilly.Hamtaro was beautiful and lovely and unfortunately died on my birthday because she wasn't a bathing herself .


Topics: project, death
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