Okay! Heres some books I have so far! And there is still more! Plus Series!

(Phantom Cat Series)

-BloodClan's Choice

-SkyClan's Revenge


-The Prophocey

-Night To Dawn

-The Flash


(St. Fantasma's Books)

-We'll Show You!

-Now You Like Us...Now You Don't

-Sports Ralley

-Not On Our Watch!

-No You Didn't!

-Sugar On A Cupcake

-Dash Cause We Have No Flash

-You Hate Us? Well. We Get Disgusted By You.

(Elemental Wolves Of The Forests)

The Begging

-The Resque

-Not Acording To Us!

-Wild, Free, And Untamed

-Hurt, and Helpful


(Sweet Treat School)

-Cupcakes Here We Come!

-Fudge Is Better For You

-Pretty Please With Sugar On Top?

-The Cupcake Geeks

-Momenterly Cute...

(Cupcake Girls)

-We may be awesome, but what are you?

-Cupcake Party!

-We rule cupcakes!


-Aww...too bad were cute....


-Sweet Treat School

-Phantom CatĀ 

-Cupcake Girls

-St. Fantasma

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St. Fantasma is the series im working on  
  • May 19, 2011
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