Okay, I have another blog on my chapters in series, and those are the first set of books http://www.drawingnow.com/Scourge435/blogs/id_19641-my-awesome-books.html. These books need your attention so I wrote descriptions!

St. Fantasma

A only girls school-leading to........a micheveous school. They plan secritive things, and become fearless of anything. Emo's, Geeks, Head Girls, First Timers, Rude Girls, Earth Weirdo's, and...  Cagers. The school is in a disaster....they find a earing...and end up taking it back from another school. Soon the school girls become paint-ball-throwing-maniacs....

Cupcake Girls

A compition between selling cupcakes----and ty-kwan-do. Don't think they're cute by their looks, cause they are  masters at karate and  kung fu, and ty-kwan-do....

Elemental Wolves Of The Forest

They fight to survive. Head to head in compitions ahead. They live by their elements. "Perfectly" fine.

Sweet Treat School

They dress cute...but sell like fire. They end up in the final sweet treat selling sale, and it ends up, the other team is cheating...

Phantom Cat (me and Scarfire839's.)

The clan's thrive to get closet to StarClan. But soon, their acentors don't like it. BrightClan gets in the middle of this, and get nasty with Dark Forest....

OKAY. Thats it! I will be starting more books than my last blog. St. Fantasma is coming soon!

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