"Hey! Don't touch that!"

 You scolded Bailey as she dug threw her bag trying to find her phone. 

"What do you wannnnnt?" 

"My phone Bailey!"


*She gives you the phone back hesitaiting* You look in your bag, seeing nothing but your phone and clothes...Okay you wonder, who took my stuff? Emo's.....? Grrrr....

"Why did you want my phone anyways?"

"I can't tell you"

*You grab the collar of Bailey's shirt*

"Tell me or your life goes down in the drain"

"Fine....I will. Head girls wanted it to see who you like and text. Not my opinion since she wanted me to do this..." 

*You stomp off to the attic to find them* Grrr.....what do "they" want?! Grr....im not supisious. Jeez....

To be continued.....BTW this is a sneak peak. Not chapter one.

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