hi peoples of the world guess what time it is...its bloging time.so anyway i just saw the 2nd greatest movie of all time yesterday ya wanna know what it is course u do its breaking dawn part 1 yayz it was epic it was so friggin awesome but sadly jacob had his shirt on almost the entire movie but were not here to talk bout that  were here to talk bout twilight and stuffs like that oh and guess what bella almost dies in it but at the end of the movie she turns into a bloo succking vampire.no im gonna stop talking bout that because im just gonna spoil the whole entire movie and that would completly and 100% suck right yea i know u agree with me cause if u dont im gonna find out where u live and murder u just kidding i would never do something like that or would i no i wouldnt so any ways check out my profile send me a friend request and all that good stuff kay okay well bye bye now

Topics: twilight, other, stuffs
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