ok so may 21,2011 the world was stpost to end at 3 pm but if ur reading this obulisly it didnt end and that countdown clook on then world ending it a joke and revlations says that we wont noe so stop trying to noe cuz it was going to end  in 1996 , 2000, febuary 12 ,2011 and now we say its going to end on 12-12-12 but its not cuz we say it is i meen it colud end 3 mins form now or 3 hrs or 3 years  or 3 centrys we dont noe so just live life like u only have one more day to live cuz we wont noe

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Quote:Originally posted by: kingdomheartsmusiccat
I totally agree. It drives me acorns when people say the world is going to end.   Once in church we were talking about how God decides when the world ends and this one kid got up crying saying "No! The movie '2012' says it's going to end on December ...
  • May 27, 2011
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