Yesterday we dissected cow eyeballs in science. :D I was so psyched to do it. Not too many people were really squeamish about the whole thing, and few wore gloves. I even got hungry during the dissection. The eyeballs were from a butcher and he was gonna throw them out anyway, so we may as well put them to scientific use (don't scold me if you're against dissections, at least we're not dissecting frogs).

While we were working on our questions about the dissection, my teacher came and sat at our table. She and one of my lab partners were talking about a ninja joke our teacher told us before the lab. Then somehow the conversation got turned to me and I had to play out the joke- I totally butchered it. XD

XD that`s one thing im not exited for in high school-disections XD lol
  • May 26, 2011
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