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Chapter 1

  It was the end of school as I still grabbed on the chalk, concentrating on these small words piercing through my mind. What were they? My mind went a blur and searched for them, but like a light, it had went out. Eyes kept on snickering, my heart pounded. This day was like any normal day, they had suffered from my weakness and kind of pitied on me.

        "Ok class, who would help her out?"

     One hand struck to the top, almost reaching the ceiling. The teacher gazed at the boy. " helped her out more then 5 times." The teacher looked as if suprised from all the hard work. "I want to help her more." Grinned the boy.

   I sighed. He held my hand and tried to trace the letters. As his warm touch met my palms I had fell silent and blushed a dark red. "Wh-why are you helping a dumb girl?" It was true, I was special, as in really special. I learnt how to read in fourth grade as well in writing in 5th grade. It was moving on to 6th grade as I still forget about the assesment handed to me, writing in cursive.

     "How are you going to learn then?"

   He stook a playful tongue out, as he reached for another chalk. "How to write a Q is really simple. It's almost slanted and you just have to add a...." He told with enthuism and my eyes were locked. I turned around and sighed. "I'm not stupid, I know that. My hands were just...messed up." I fidgetted a little and tried to act as if I was intelligent.

   The boy smiled once more touching my hands and gently placing them into a Q. He held his grip, my hands were tight, sweating further more.

  Now I was going to high school, freshman at a new high. It was an all boys school but since I have a flat chest and no junk, it would be fine. My sacrifice to cut my hair, just to spend time with him. That boy, Kibo. I would of start a new life from then. This is how my new life started!

  The reality of a signal, at the hospital when you wish your mother wouldn't have cancer and just hope she would be well. Dreaming for a large miracle to happen. That only happens in fairytales, as in reality. Money makes the world around.

    This is why I live alone with my ginger cat Neko and my older brother, age 19.

    A freshman the same as my age scooted over me. "Hello dumbass! Glad to accompiny your as*." He spat grinning mischeivly. "I'm not a dumbass," He stared closer at me. "You look like a girly boy. Are you a shota?"


" Good because we already have one,"

  Just then a girl had came in. Bubble gum covered her mouth, brown locks of hair, a plain black t-shirt smeared with curse words on it and tight ripped up jeans. She looks like a tomboy....isn't males supposed to be here? "Um, aren't guys suppose to enter this school?" I asked her. " True, but my dad says this is a good school and he's good friends with the principal, as well as my other girlfriend. She was accepted."

   "Girlfriend? PHA!" Chuckled te boy. She gave the boy a nuggie. "No, as in a b****d! I'm Higuna. That trash bag over there is Jigka." Jigka emerged from the scraps of trash flown from Higuna. They seemed as if they were boyfriends and girlfriends. "Are you two...together?" I inquired, hoping for a positive response.

"f***." Jigka replied. "Hell no, I am not a girlfriend to that demon man."

   "What did you say?" Higuna snapped pulling Jigka's coller quickly.

 I ignored those two and headed out inside. There were a litter of gum on the floor and aisles of texters. Locker 39...I hope Kibo is here. I can't really read numbers but I can feel them. Kibo had always taught me how to read numbers. The 3 felt like a swoop and another swoop, the 9 felt as a circle heading down. I had to have a laptop to type insted of taking notes.

     People stared at me as if I was a blind bat, my fingers scanned the area, no hope. It was a 36. I had to go which direction, at the end of the locker but I couldn't read numbers. On the left was the decreading numbers so I had to go to the right.

  "Hey kid, stop feeling the locker number!"

"Are you blind..?"

    " Are you to dumb to figure out this is my locker?"

   I suddenly crashed on this mysterious boy. I stared down picking up my books, he touched my palms. It had felt like Kibo's warm touch. Looking up, my lips fell down. His image had changed but his eyes were still the same. I wanted to scream that it was me, Midori. Everything would change now.

    "Are you ok?" He asked me pressing his hands to my books. "Y-y-yes." Stammering, heart pounding, blushing. I moved the books near my cheeks. "Of course. I'm really sorry." He smiled. "It's ok, you remind me of someone." His face leaned in closer. His warm breath, blushing more.

  "You look cute while blushing, want me to show you your class?" He smiled. A thumbs up and a motive face expression. "Yes please." He ruffled my pink hair. "I really like your hair, even though your a guy. It's unique." My cheeks were red. "Ah-thanks. I accidently dyed it though, when everybody thought I was different."


Jigka POV-

   Midori dragged me to the groups. "I can't even believe your our secretery." She pointed to an edged surface. "There is the chalkboard. On our last field trip was the funding of $450. Our spent trips are either hiking which had costs $178 or camping which is $234. Now, I can not belive I am asking you this..."

     She pushed closer to my body as if she was going to kiss me...I'm not ready for this! I'm not! It's my first, I slight blush red, never had been this close to a girl before-except that accident kiss from a dude.

   "Which one?" She snapped. "Huh?" "I said which one?" "of what?" "OF THE TRIPS!" Her voice became louder, she pushed down my left ear, her long finger nails gripping tighter. "OWOWOWOW!!! OK! OK! I choose..."

  "I was really expecting the outdoors of walking and hiking..." She hinted. I held a grin with a thumbs up. "Camping it is!"


Midori POV-

Does Jinka really know it's me? Will his feelings change? I was in a new life, but...he just said that I'm he-g-gay? I wasn't expecting that, if I said I was a girl then...his views would change on me....

More drama on chaptor 2!


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