Hey everyone!!! So, the site wasn't accepting a lot of my work, because the file sizes are too large. So, instead of me screaming at my computer... I'll start posting my work in my blogs... Now, I understand why other people on here do that.


This is a comic that my friend and I did together. It was just something random we were talking about one day while playing assassins creed.


This was for my best friend who graduated from High School and moved back to the mainland. I miss her dearly and she'll always be the Ezio to my Leonardo. <3


This is part of my fanfic. The man ruffling Malik's hair is his father, Akil. (Yes I know that we don't know if Malik's parents were still alive or not, but it's my story darn it!)

Well, there's a lot more pictures I would like to put up, but... They aren't age appropriate... *cough* Any way!! Hope you enjoy!

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