"What? It's true." Russia smiled one of  his dangerous smiles.

China put his hand to his head, " Too true."

"All righty then! All in the favor of having the comedy competition say hambruger!" America shouted.

"Ham." said Britain.

"And so it shall be done!" America exclaimed.


"Yo, West, Did you see this?" Prussia was at Germany's house just to bother him.

"What?" Germany growled while folding up Italy's clothes. (whoops, did I just suggest yaoi? o.o)

"It looks like the are having a comedy competition of the countries." Prussia read from a flyer.

"Ah, perfect. You just have to walk on stage and everyone will laugh at you. " Germany said sarcastically.

"Hey, this could get me a reputation." Prussia said thoughtfully:ideas rushed around his head.

"What sort of reputation? A fool?" Germany asked.

"No,no,no West, man are you dumb. Luckily you have a brother here to teach you the ways of the world. If I get the reputation of being the funniest country in the world, then I will be well known. Everyone will come flocking to me just to get my autograph!" Prussia thought of the popularity he would get, and maybe even catch the eye of a certain country.

"I'd rather make more cuckoo clocks."

"Well, I need to go make a lot of punchlines, bye West!" and Prussia flew off.


"A funniest country competition?" Japan mumbled, " Maybe, if I do rakugo..."

(Rakugo: telling a story and acting it out with just yourself, involves humor.)


"America, may I ask a favor?" Austria asked.

"Huh? Oh why isn't it Australia! I never thought you would come and talk to me!" Amercia laughed.

Austria clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, " Do not call me that!"

"What do you mean 'do not call me that.'?That's your name right?" America furrowed his brow.

"No! Australia is a country floating in the middle of an ocean with kangaroos! I, Austria, is the center of classical music with the most beautiful orchestra in the world!" Austria heaved.

"Eh...same thing." America shrugged.

Austria straightened out his jacket and muttered, " Idiot."

"So what's your favor?" America asked.

"I want you to show me what pop,hip hop,r&b, and rap is. I'm trying to make one of them." Austria took out a notebook.

"Oh rap! Yo that's easy dude! You find a beat and... you know what? I'll play some for you!" America got his laptop from out of nowhere and went on youtube.

"This one is hip hop." America explained.

"This one is for the boys with booming system..." sang Nicki Minaj voice.

Austria stared in horror, " Do they always where these explicit outfits?"

"No, but its entertaining." America laughed, "And if you think that's explicit, you should see Lady Gaga."

"Show me what R&B is." Austria said quickly.

"Oh, that would be Chris Brown. " America pushed the play button.

"This isn't bad... but they reuse the same lyrics over and over." Austria frowned.

Amercia shrugged, "It's easier to remember.

"Next."Austria said.

"I know you love me, I know you care, and when you call me, I'll be there.........baby, baby, baby, ohhhh like baby baby...."

Austria's eyebrows twitched, "Is this person a...girl?"

"No,no, he is a guy. Girls love him though. A great gift from Canada don't ya think?" America clicked the stop button, " So? Would you like to see rap?"

Austria turned away and shook his head, " no thanks, I think I'll just quit the competition."

"Eh? Ok, whatever." America shrugged again.

To be cont. I dont hate any of the Artists mentioned in this story. Justin Bieber doesn't suck, Nicki Minaj is cool, and Chris Brown has an awesome voice. Laqdy Gaga is awesomeer than Prussia. So please don't start a rant on me. 

I love Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga XD this is funny ^^, wonder where the plot is gonna go to~
  • June 9, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: mimisky
I love Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga XD this is funny ^^, wonder where the plot is gonna go to~
I'd tell you where it's going, but I'd ruin it. so I'm not going to tell you. thanks for reading.
  • June 9, 2011
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