The Secret Side of Savanna Olson

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  I woke up on a Monday morning by my alarm clock. I slammed my hand on it till I hit the off button.  I threw the covers off and got up. So I got dressed and ran downstairs. When I got to the table my cereal was was waiting for me and there was a note.

    Dear Savanna,

   I’m at work there was a meeting have a good day at your first day of 6th grade!

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   From Mom J

  That was mom always wishing me a good day. So I ate my cereal then walked to the bus stop. Along the way my dog Riley came from the woods that are next to my house and followed me to the bus stop. Just when I thought my day was good Riley went under me and I tripped and fell in mud butt first!

  “Aw Riley you got me all muddy.”

   Riley just looked at me. I looked down the hill and saw the bus stopping at the stop before mine. So I ran to my bus stop but just when I was going to get there I saw her, Maddie. I almost fainted but I kept walking and I stood next to the bus stop sign.

  “Hey Loser did your mutt poop and u slipped in it?” She said to me.

  “No its called mud dumb blonde!”

  Maddie laughs then flips her long straight hair. She then rolled her sky blue eyes at me. She stooped down and handed her dog a treat.

 I stared at her golden retriever puzzled.

 “How is mine a mutt if my dog is a golden as well?” I thought that so she wouldn’t explain.

 I got on the bus and sat in the last seat alone. Of cores Maddie sits by Sam. Sam is a boy well the hottest boy in the world. He has light blue eyes and blonde swoopy hair.

  I waited for Raymond and Dawna to get on the bus. They are my best friends. They are the only ones who know my secret.

                                                             -----Chapter Two----
                                                      The Secret Gets Out.

 So we got to school and I hung up my book bag.

 “Why can’t we have lockers?” Raymond asked taking off his DC hat.

  “Maybe because we are not in high school…but we will be next year” Dawna replied slamming her books onto her desk.

 I walked to a corner and Raymond Dawns followed me.

  “Hey Stace. What are those dorks doing in the corner?” Maddie asked

  “I don’t know probably telling secrets.” Stace said.

  So Maddie tip-toed over to us and listened.

  “Are you sure because I have some in my book bag” Dawna said.

  “No I’m fine I had enough blood this morning it’s not like I need to drink blood 24/7.” I replied.

  “Ok, because we don’t want you dying right here!” Raymond said.

   “Well I still don’t know how I’m surviving with the sunlight around me.” I replied thinking.

  We went to our seats when Mrs. Winston, my homeroom teacher rang the bell. I always love her outfits. Today she was wearing a bright orange sundress with yellow flower pattern on it. She was also our math teacher.

“ Ok class, today we are not doing any classes due to well some trouble with something so I guess just do what you want to do” Mrs. Winston said hoping no one asks what the problem was.

 I looked back to Ronnie and saw him hiding a smile. I knew he did it he is the worst boy in school. I turned back around and got up after all the other kids. Raymond Dawna and I went to a corner.

  “Stace come on we have work to do we talked about this.” Maddie said.

  Stace got a camera and managed to get a picture of my fangs and printed it out on the computer. Maddie got a poster board and stabled the picture to it. Then she made twenty copies of it and disappeared into the halls.

  When they came back inside Raymond Dawna and I went out. All the kids followed us. I looked at the sign and my mouth fell open.

  I stared at the bright orange poster board that said: Savanna Olson Is A Blood Sucking Vampire. Then there was the picture of my fangs.

  “Oh my gosh Savanna you’re a vampire!?” Mason asked me.

  “No she’s lying I just have sharp teeth!” I said

                                                                 --------Chapter 3-----

                                                                          Trying To Fix It

 “She is not a vampire you know Maddie she hates Savanna you guys know she would do something like this” Raymond said.

 “Ya sure Savanna isn’t a vampire and I’m not a girl” Rebecca one of my best friends said.

  I ran off crying. I looked back real quick and say Sam yelling at them.

  “She is not a vampire why would you believe Maddie, you people should be ashamed!” Sam said loudly.

  I turned back around and kept running till I reached the janitor’s office. I went in and sat on the floor. I jumped when I heard knocking.

  “Savanna are you in there it’s us Dawna Sam and Raymond?” Sam said

  “Why did you say my name last?” Raymond asked.

  “Because I can now be quiet!” Sam said.

  Sam opened the door and my friends sat by me.

 “Sam their right I am a vampire I just don’t want people to make fun of me for it.” I sais shakily from the crying.

 “Yes she is Raymond come on Sam you can stay here with Savanna if you want” Dawna said.

 Dawna and Raymond left the closet and I was alone with Sam.

 Suddenly Sam hugged me.

  “Don’t worry you aren’t the only vampire in this school.” Sam said.

  Then he showed me his fangs and we talked about vampire stuff. We later hears Mrs. Winston call our names so we sneaked out of there and went into the room.

  “There you guys are” she said to us

    Maddie looked surprised Sam and I was walking together. She just flipped her hair and waved at Sam. Sam just gave her a dirty look.

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