"You just have to go out of the box then." You smile at Kyouya.

"What?" Kyouya furrowed his brow.

"If you can't get the top, make another category of your own, that's equal or higher to being head of the clan." You continue to explain, "make another Ootori company that's better than your fathers."

Kyouya thought about it for a while then smiled, "I like how you think." He said.

You blush, " Its nothing."

"i think...I could use you. Your ways of thinking can broaden the company scope, and get more clients." Then he leaned closer to you and whispered into your ear, "Of course, if that were to happen, I'd need to give you a permanent position."

You blink, "Position? Like advisor?"

"No. More like... wife." Kyouya answered.

Your heart fluttered at his words, and I gagged at the cheese ness. 

So did Kyouya make you his wife? that's your fantasy.

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