After you hit Honey on the back to de-choke him. Honey passes out due to the long time his brain didnt get oxygen.

You quickly lay him on the nearby couch and ask for a damp towel to wipe his face.

When hone came to, you ask, "Are you okay? honey-senpai?"

Honey gets up and looks at you, " Did you save me?"

"I uh... well I guess I did." You reply.

"YAY Thank you! Lets eat cake together!" Honey shouts.

"O-ok.. Just chew more, ad swallow slowly this time." You smile.

Mori places his hand on your back and smiles. "thank you" he says.

You blush deeply and peep, "I'ts nothing really."

"I'll be counting on you to watch Mitsukuni." He says.

Then he walks you over to where Honey is to eat cake.

ohh...a start of something new...

nomnoms.... i want cake.

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