Icepaw shivered. She was running threw a lush green forest with lots of prey, but something still made a chill run down her back.

"Icepaw. Over here," A rich, cool voice said behind her. "I wish to tell you something my daughter." Icepaw whipped around. There her mother stood, her pure white fur stood out like a blackbird against snow.

"Mother!" Icepaw dashed over to the white she-cat. She pressed her muzzle against her flank. She saw her mother in dreams like this before, always giving her advice. "What have you come to tell me?"

"Patience little one. Let me explain from the start. When your father killed me Iceclan was open to all the spirits of the underworld. Since I had just arrived at Starclan, I made a deal with them." Her mother paused, looking slightly hesitant to tell her the rest.

"Well what happened then?" Icepaw pressed.

"Erm...they told me if I chose my only kit to be the savior of our clan, our clan will be sved from the forces of the Dark Forest."

"So your saying...I'm have to save my clan?" She was hoping this was a joke.

"Yes, Icepaw. This is for real." Her mother showed no sign of emotions, but deep inside Icewing knew her mother loved her enough not to put her in any danger.

"Where am I know then?" Icepaw couldn't help the tears that started rolling down her face. Her mother cuddled closer to comfort her and said nothing. Just then a cloudy image appeared in a nearby puddle. At first she couldn't tell what the picture was until it started to focus. There she was, lying in the medicine cat den, half of her face covered in blood.

"Go to sleep little one. I'll sleep with you until you leave." Whispered Icepaw's mother. Almost as soon as she lay down, a comforting darkness went over her.


To be continued...

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