"Thank you!" Italy shouted at the audience. Then he dragged Romano off the stage while Germany growled behind.

"Next! Is Japan!" America announced.

Japan sat in the middle of the stage. "Good Afternoon everyone, today I will-"

"Japan!!!" China barged onto the stage. " Why didnt you invite me to do a comedy act with you!"

"eh?" Japan asked, " I was planning to do rakugo...which requires only one person."

"Aiyaa... you don't understand Japan,aru. You are my younger brother. It is only natural we do things like this together aru."

"Um...I'm not your younger brother." Japan corrected China.

"Yes you are, aru! If you are not my brother, who's brother are you aru!" China raised his voice.

The comedy hall filled with laughter.

China turned to the audience. "What's so funny aru?"

"eh. uh...um.. China? I think they were laughing at the "are you aru" part." Japan muttered.


"well um.. it sounded like you said "are you are you" instead of "are you aru" 

"oh..." China grinned, " see Japan? we are funny together, aru. You and i should form a brotherly comedy act, aru. right aru?"

"Um.. I uh..." Japan bowed at the audience and ran off without anwswering China.

"I wonder what would happen if I formed a comedy act with West." Thought Prussia.

Three more contestants and it was going to be Prussia's turn.

What do guitar strings on an electric guitar and Enlgand's eyebrows have in common? They are six lines. hahahahaha... ba-dump ping! not that funny i guess... to be cont.

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