Flickering shadows and lights flew threw Icepaw's vision. Where----ugh-----am I?  Was she still in Starclan with her mother, or was she in the real world? All she knew of was the flickering darkness and a sharp pain in her face.

"Icepaw? Icepaw? Can you hear me?" A voice, what it seemed like, shouted. She tried to sit her head up, but the pain was to urgent.

She managed managed to wimper out the word, "Yes--"

Icepaw scented a faint trace of herbs, so she guessed she was in the medicine cat room and the voice was Mouseclaw's, the clan's medicine cat.

"Ivypaw, I need you to mash these leaves into a pulp. Then layer it over her wound." Mouseclaw said. You could tell that she was trying to restrain her emotions, but icepaw knew Mouseclaw to well. She was best friends with Icepaw's mother. Icestar and Mouseclaw would stay up all night when they were apprentices, preparing pranks that the elders would soon find out about in the morning.

Soon her flickering vision started to focus and she saw, still bleary, the medicine cat room and 4 cats sitting around her. She couldn't tell who they were but by their smells, she could tell who they were: Mouseclaw, Ivypaw, Volepaw, and Brokentooth.

"Look she's awake!" Gasped Volepaw.

"And now its time for you to leave. The only cats I want to be in here are Ivypaw and myself. We don't want to put her into shock." Mouseclaw whispered as she ushered Volepaw and Brokentooth out of the den. When she had finally gotten them out and there was silence she said, "How are you feeling---Or is it too soon to ask?"

"Fine. Just fine." She grunted. But Icepaw knew inside that she wasn't. Her dream had disturbed the peace she had left inside her soul.

"We---we cleaned the wound as best as we could, but there is still a mark." She said. "It's probaly going to be there for life."

To be contined...

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