The rules!
This is your character profile sheet, copy it and fill it IN HERE:

---Character Profile---
Picture and description: (Don’t worry too much about the picture, just tell us like “Tall, thin, long brown hair tied up in a ponytail, green eyes. Wears black shorts and a V-cut, off the shoulder shirt and a mesh, long sleeved top.)
Full name: (first name then surname)
Rank: (genin, chunnin, jonin, special ops, anbu, medical ninja)
Team: (so you can do missions- WE WILL WORK THIS OUT 4 U)


likes ( -being alone, training-eating-making friends etc),
dislikes ( some village, bad people, loudmouths)

you can write whatever for dislikes or likes- these were just some ideas

History/background so farUnhappymake it good, tell us all about your character and his journey as a ninja so far, include info about family and anything special about them- so we get good outline of who they are and there story- ok simple enough =]

Relations to other ninja: (u and another member of the community will need to discuss this beforehand should you choose to be brother and sister or whatever- YOUR STORYS WILL HAVE TO MATCH OF COURSE- duh

Inventory- what extra stuff your ninja carries- example- ninja carries seals to summon his puppets kiro and baru. He also has a medium sized sword which is extravagantly decorated and is in a black sheath strapped to his back.
- also mention anything else worth mentioning plz- if u do have puppets try describe them a bit and what there main attack type is (weapons-trap layer etc)

Primary Attack- (elemental user- puppeteer- taijitsu user- genjutsu-ninjitsu- weapon specialist- and so on.... try sticking to just 1-2 at the most- u don’t see sasori running around using taijitsu now do u =]

Element: (your ninja may discover this during roleplay or already know)

Abilities: what your ninja does and how effectively, maybe name a few moves you have WITH their flaws- don’t make them uber or they WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

EXAMPLE (im not to great at making moves up)-
Rock Crush Jutsu- EFFECT hurls massive rocks repeatably at target
WEAKNESS- slow and easy to doge, uses large amount of chakra

-End Of Character Profile Sheet-

No sharinghan
No demons inside u =P
No existing characters-sasuke-sakura- naruto etc etc (This takes place 100 years after them.)

don’t make a 'god' character as it wont be allowed. This means no characters that are extremely powerful. The point is for this to be a game. If everyone is a superpowered jonin then what are we doing? What if the anime Naruto started like that? The characters would not have to quest towards anything. Dull!

just because u can be anbu doesn’t mean you are going to win a fight against a genin- THERE WILL BE CHUNNIN EXAMS!!!!!!!! Making your story interesting is what we’re here for!!!!!!


A FEW OF THE BASIC RULZ TO NOTE- these r just to ensure everyone has good time

- your character MUST be authorized before he/she is allowed to begin their journey

-The character is your age. Think again to Naruto, they turn 16 and are still Genin!

- censor any cursing or swearwords- there are kids here so none of that- as well as any serious serious romance..... u may cuddle and whatever but you know what I mean.

- maintain your characters personality and correct abilities and powers. exp sasuke starts acting like naruto..... enough said, and as for abilities- u CANNOT just pull a masterful jutsu of death randomly especially if u do not have skills- make choices for your character to make them unique but have weakness at the same time- a genin starts fighting a s-class criminal to the death....this is a good time for the genin to use "run-a-way jutsu"

- don’t use or speak for other peoples characters/ unless strictly allowed to or having some sort of minor talk

- YOU MAY NOT kill another persons character off unless they have agreed and its all agreed upon- they can just be seriously hurt or saved by team-mates, whatever.

- If player vs player fighting will be resolved depending on the situation and who’s fighting as well as what both sides wish to achieve.

- Hokages, leaders (not team leaders) and missions will be controlled mainly be my and nightmare to ensure fair play, and create more fun for u guys, we may also award stuff for missions or whatever.

- Your character can gain new abilities and power, but its hard earned- not like "one day ninja began using a sword and is now a sword master," we will decide if your character has progressed and improved enough to be able to warrant new skills and such to keep gameplay being fair

-no special clans or powers have been approved yet so don’t make any just yet please. Also- do not mimic other players SPECIAL techniques or abilities like those of the actual tv show- THIS MEANS nothing like chidori, sharinghan rip offs, gaaras sand, and sasorris uber puppet skills- if you do your character wont be accepted, but u can of course get ideas from these powers, just as long as they aren’t to similar to other players or the show- simple.


What is an RPG?
A role play is like an mmorpg, old school title. You create a character who you will play as. Like if you're 11-years-old, you'd start out as an 11-year-old genin from ... say.... mist village. You'd have teammates- other players- and a sensei and go on missions and eventually take the chunin exam. The hosts make up different scenarios for you and your team to work through.

Akatsuki and I, as the hosts, play the kages so one of us would call in your team and say "okay, there is a mission, some evil dooers have kidnapped children from the surrounding villages. It is suspected that this is a slaving ring and they are sailing to the mainland. Your mission is to pose as children from the village and find out who these criminals are and where there children have gone." So you and your team get together and make a plan and yadda yadda yadda.

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