Francis. I hate everything about you.

You're golden locks which run daft on you're shoulders without moving.

You're embracing smile that warms my heart and create bright sparks of passion in my soul, which never had meant to be released.

You're cooking, why must you taunt me so with the delights from heaven? I hate how you feed me the Satan meals, urging me to taste.

I hate how we fight together and give up, continuing the sequence until we get tired and make up.

I hate how I steal everything from you're life ( and Canada) but you accept it.

I hate you.

I hate how I love you.

I love how I hate you.

I love how you accept me even if you pretend not to, I to.

I love how we are both friends AND enemies.

Oh, and happy birthday...


- Nyo!England.

(( You ladies wanted hetrosexual so England is the female now :U.


Topics: hetalia
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