"ALLLLLLRRRRRIIIIIGGGHHHHTTTTTT!!!!!!! IT"S MY TURN!!!!!" Prussia yelled. He skidded on to the stage and grabbed the mic.

"Helloooo fellow countries! It is I, the most awesome Prussia!"

the audience booed. 

I wont let these people put me down, Prussia thought.

"Well, now to begin my first joke. I made it weeks before today. I didn't want to put it off, you know. Gotta get it done! But, sometimes i look around at the people around me and think ' you know, I always wanted to be a procrastinator, but i never got around to it." 

"Ba-dump ping!" Austria let the drums play.

The audience laughed a ' i get it' laugh, and somebody yelled "corny!"

Dang, this is harder than i thought, Prussia thought to himself.

"The other day," Prussia continued, despite the audinece's lacking support, " I was surfing my blog, and I noticed Italy commented on my picture of me with  a bird on my head, and-"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Help me prussia!!!!!" Italy ran on to the stage.

"Hey! you're ruining my act. I-"Prussia shouted.

:"ITAAAALLLYYYYYYY!!!!" Germany barged on to the stage, " YOU PUT HAIR GEL ALL OVER MY FACE!!!!"

"But..." Italy whimpered.

"West, it doesnt matter, your face is stuck in one position anyway." Prussia joked, " now get off stage!"

The audience laughed.

Germany, stunned, grabbed Italy by the arm and walked off stage.

"Now, anyway, I looked at Italy's comment and-" Prussia began.


"China-san, please calmdown."


"I dont know! Just stop ruining my-" Prussia was interuppted by a big bang, and a "help me!"

"Romano nii-san! You got more potstickers than me!" Italy whined from offstage.

"Shut up!" romano cried running onstage.

Italy ran after Romano saying " Potstickers~!"

Germany ran after Italy yelling" Get off stage!"

China ran after Germany saying, "My pot stickers!"

Japan ran after China urging him to calm down.

France ran after Japan singing, " I wanna join the fight~<3"

England ran after France yelling, " Take back what you said about my scones!"

Russia walked behind England laughing, "Ahaha, this is fun!"

And the Baltic Trio followed behind Russia because they had to.

Then everyone was on stage fighting over a potsticker.

Prussia, who was wrapped up in all the fuss, was as mad as ever. His ears burned red, his already red eyes turned redder, he 'kolled' like Russia. But instead of burning everyone else's ears by singing his "Marukaite Chikyuu", he calmly steped aside and said.

"Ladies, and Gentlemen, What do you call it when people of many ethnicities fight over a thing such as a potsticker?"

The audience murmured with excitement.

"The world!!!" Prussia shouted.

"Ba-dump,ping!" Austria played the drums.

The audience applauded. 

America walked on stage, "Haha-. I forgot aboiut my comedy act! but this hamburger was better, who needs a potsticker? Anyway, I would like to announce the winner! The winner is..."

Austria did a drumroll.

"Prussia! I dont really know him, but he made a fool of England and that's good enough for me!"

The audience applauded.

Then everyone settled for more potstickers that Japan prepared at the dinner party.

Meanwhile, Austria and Hungary were walking together outside in the garden.

"Prussia did better than I thought he would." Austria laughed.

"Indeed." Hungary agreed.

"But he really wasnt that funny."Austria continued.

"Yeah." Hungary agreed again.

they walked in silence for a while.

Prussia, looked out the dinning hall window, and saw Hungary and Austria walking together.

"Damn that Austria!" He muttered under his breath. Silently, he escaped into the guys changing room to relax.

He was in there a minute or too, and the door opened.

"Hungary?" Prussia said, " why are you here?" 

"Just thought I'd congratulate you, thats all." Hungary answered.

"You probably didnt even think it was funny." Prussia growled.

"Yeah, i didnt. But I think you did an amazing job of keeping your temper. So,i, give you the award of patience." Hungary leaned over and kissed Prussia on the cheek.

Prussia went all red again, but this time he wasnt mad. He was about to say something nice, but then he realized that Hungary was in the Guy's changing room.

"Hahaha! Hungary! You're in the boy's changing room! I'd never thought I'd see you here! I'm gonna tell the whole world that you-"

BONK. Hungary hit Prussia with a fryingpan that came out of nowhere, and walked off.

aw well, Prussia was so close! I guess he needs more than just humor and so called "Patience" to win Hungary. He was knocked out. later Germany found him, and dragged him home. But prussia was right about the "world" joke, (although I made it up). Everyone keeps fighting over small things, including me. so next time, you are fighting with your friend over who has more playdoh, just think of Prussia making fun of you, and drop the fight. 

Great story! It's wonderful!
  • July 20, 2011
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Quote:Originally posted by: mimiskyGreat story! It's wonderful!
thank you. the funniest one yet. could maybe even be an episode!
  • July 21, 2011
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