You think you are alright but you never are
You think time will stop just where we are

Only if life were that easy
I'd do that everyday in my life
to stop time and let yourself be free for a moment to soon
Then only you have started time when you least expected it

you think you have loved but you find yourself hurt everyday
You think you have found friends but find them betraying you in every single way

Hurt has crossed your heart
Not again will it ever part
Stuck in the soul where most pain grows
Just staying in that pit for once
Hope to rise it again to bring it out

you think you have suffered
you think you have seen your friends suffer

All through that you think you know what suffering is
You do not; nor will you ever til you have totally expericenced it
Its bottomless
screams out to be more loud
Cant you hear that suffer pour out of your pores
you see it and the shock
proves you've never noticed suffer until today

I think right now I will die of heart ache
I think right now I will fall to the depths

right now I am gone for more than a hour
have gone from a life to a life who knows no power
right now I am forever upset
look what you have done

I think I will not trust
I think I will not love
I think I will not do a penny of a thing

That is what I think!!!


Poem of the day
inspired by the guy who made me worthless today. Thanks again,guy i wont say
DAte: Wednesday,July 20th,2011

Forgive me for i have been mean these past weeks and months

Topics: sad, depressed, need, help, what, to, do
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