A large, pure white cat blinked open his blue eyes. A cold breeze had ruffled him; waking him up. Next to him lay a brown she- cat with darker brown splotches strewn about her body; the most noticeable around her eye. " You are finally awake! Come on, let`s go!" The brown she- cat purred. The white cat stood up, and stretched out. " I`m coming, Spot!" He called to Spot, who was now slowly walking towards the bushes. "Come on, Snowy!" Spot said, with more irritation in her voice. Snowy walked up to Spot, and they headed for the forest.

CH. 1

"Spot, come here! I found something!" Snowy whispered, as Spot tip- toed over."Oh, yay, a mouse. How the heck is this going to feed both of us?" Spot ranted. "Who said this was for you? I just wanted to show you I CAN hunt." Snowy meowed with amusement. "whatever." Spot grumbled. She leapt into the bushes as Snowy gulped down his catch. Snowy stood up, and sniffed. Wonderful scents filled his nostrils; pine trees, grass, and fallen leaves. Just then, a murky cat leapt out of the bushes, grabbed Snowy by the scruff, and leapt back into the bushes with him. "Let me go, you little scrap of dirty, rotten... huh?" The huge cat spat him out, and grunted. "Hah! What did you think I was going to do?!" Hissed the murkey cat, which Whiteout could now tell was at least four times his size, with double his muscle. "Why you little.." Snowy leapt onto the she- cat`s back, unsheathed his claws, and latched onto her scruff. "Argh!" She hissed, and flipped onto her back, knocking the breath out of Snowy. He tried to get up, but was pinned down by her massive paws. She then sheathed her claws, and backed away. "hmph, you are quite the fighter for a cat of your size." She purred, with a glint in her eye that Snowy could not determine. "HANG ON, I`LL HELP!" Spot screeched as she barreled head- first into the murky cat`s side. Spot knocked her over, and started shredding at her side with her claws. The murky cat was pinned down by Spot, blood starting to well up from her side. Snowy had to think quickly; his head darting side-to-side, then saw his chance. He barreled into Spot while she was unaware, knocking her off the murky cat. " What the.. wha... WHAT did you just do?! It`s gonna get away! Lemme at it!" Spot screeched. "SHE is not an it! calm down! Wha...?" Snowy`s voice tapered off as he looked at the murkey cat. She was laying motionless on the ground, blood oozing out of her side more slowly as seconds passed. "Is she dead?" both cats murmured.



Watch for Ch. 2 and 3, coming soon! :D


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