prolouge and ch 1:

Ch. 2

Snowy and Spot stood there, mezmerized. "b.. but... I didn`t mean to kill...." Spot sobbed. Snowy pressed his muzzle to Spot`s shoulder to comfort her. "We better find a place to bury her, we can`t just leave her here to rot..." Spot murmured. Snowy padded up to the murky cats` body, and geltly grabbed her by the scruff. "Where should we bring her?" Snowy said, his voice muffled. "I don`t know..." Spot said quietly. Just as they were about to leave with the murky she-cat, her eyes flashed open. She snarled, then screeched "Ack! Let me go!" She squirmed out of Snowys` grip, and scored her claws across his eye, knocking him backwards. Snowys` eyes blurred, then the world went black. Spot snarled, then barreled into the murky cat, full-force. "Ack!" the murky cat screeched, and was knock over by the forcew of the blow. Spot pinned the she-cat down with her huge paws. "How did you do that?!" She exclaimed. "Do what?!" the murky cat replied. Spot stepped back. "Y.. you came back to life... how? Who... or what are you?!" she murmered, mezmerized by the thought. The murky cat laughed. "First off, i am Swampstar, leader of SnowClan. Second, i can`t tell rogues like you... you obviously know nothing of StarClan!" Swampstars` eyes shone with pride. "S.. StarClan..?" Spot murmured.

CH. 3 coming soon :D  

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