Pizza in mouth, Xbox controller in hand, I sat down in my chair and turned on my Xbox. As I waited till my profile was signed in and was ready for me to start a game I ate my pizza. I pressed the 'A' button when it said Call of Duty Black Ops. I went into Zombies mode and waited till a sign popped up saying 'other friends playing this game' I clicked the big 'X' in the middle of the controller, and a list of my friends came up. Online I saw was James or Brobee my friend from England, and my other friend from England Tira. Also I saw Kaily was online who was from America like me. I invited them all to a game of n**i Zombies on the map pack Kino Der Toten. They all accepted. I finished the rest of my pizza before putting on my mic to speak.

"Hey what's up?" Brobee said.

"Nothing much just finished eating pizza," I replied.

"Cool," He said.

I nodded even though he couldn't see me.

As the game started I heard Kaily cheer.

"YES! I'm Dempsey!~"

I laughed and looked at who I was, Richtofen.

"Cool I'm Richtofen,"

Tira was Takeo, and Brobee was Nikolai.

The first door we opened was upstairs at round 5 before the dogs came luckily the box was right there which everyone hit but I just grabbed a gun off the wall to use.

"Aren't you going to hit the box?" Tira asked.

"Nah, I grab guns off the wall saves more money," I replied.

"Oh," she said.

We reached to 18 rounds until Kaily got down.

"Help me! Help me! Please~ I have the ray gun!!" She cried out, she got down on the stage by the power switch.

"Hold on I'll try to get you!" I said as I bought Jug real quick and ran to the stage.

I tried getting her up, but zombies kept getting in the way.

"Shoot them with your ray gun Kaily!" I yelled.

"I'm trying, but your blocking my shooting!" She yelled back.

"I got you, revive Kaily," Brobee said.

"Okay," I replied. As I was reviving Kaily, Tira got down.

"God dangit! Damn it! Thos- ugh!" She said.

I got Kaily up, but Brobee got down in the process.

"Oh shit!" I said as a horde of zombies were chasing Kaily and I.

We ran around the stage in a circle while trying to shoot from behind. We threw a couple grenades and made crawlers. Kaily didn't see the fast crawler come up to her until she got hit.

"Oh! Damn!" She jumped back.

Since Kaily didn't have jug she could get down any minute.

Just as I thought that she got down.

"Damn it!" I yelled as she got down and Redness surrounded my other teammates screens.

I kept running in a circle until I ran out of ammo.

"Well isn't that great!"

I pulled out my other gun which was the mp40. I shot them until I had to reload. I accidently got stuck between boxes and ended up getting down.

"Aw! Dangit! No fair," I whined.

"Good game," Tira said.

"Yeah," Brobee said after her.

Kaily spoke up next,"Let's play another round!"

"Ah, I got to go eat," Brobee said.

"Yeah me too," Tira said as well.

"Okay go eat, we'll play again in a bit," I said as I got up and stretched.

"Okay...."Kaily said sadly.

As I was about to set the controller down a flash of white light came out of my Xbox, and ingluffed me into it.

I felt as I was being shaken and I heard voices.

I slowly opened my eyes, I blinked a couple times to let the foggyness go away.

"Aleesa! Aleesa, wake up!"

I heard someone say with a British accent.

I moaned.

"Aleesa wake up!"

I heard other moans, but moans of hunger.

I got up and shook my head.

"J-James? H-how!" I attempted to say.

"Get up! Hurry!" Tira yelled.

"T-Tira?" I said confused.

Then I heard a scream.

I turned to my left to see Kaily, and a zombie approaching her.

I got up and looked around for something to use as a weapon. I grazed my pocket to feel something hard in it. I pulled it out of my pocket to find a gun.

"A-a gun!" I said.

I looked at Brobee, Kaily, and Tira they too had a pistol and a knife.

I aimed the gun at the zombie still trying to get Kaily and shot it in the head two times. It fell down and died completely.

I looked around and saw houses and places burning, I turned around to see a huge building with n**i flags on it.

"Let's go in here!" I yelled while I pointed to the building.

We all ran into up to the building an opened the doors. As Kaily walked in last the doors shut and clicked.

"W-wha?" Kaily tried the door and it wouldn't budge.

Then we all heard a little girls voice.

"zee hee~ looks like ve found new zoys mister zeddy! Daddy vould be most pleased!"

The girl sounded German.

"W-who are you!" Tira yelled, but to our luck no response.

We looked around a little more to notice this looked familar.

"Uhm guys....This looks like," Brobee started.

"Kino Der Toten," I finished.

I turned to my right to make sure, and there to my right was Quick Revive.

"Yep, this is Kino," I said again.

"Were screwed..." We all heard Kaily say.

"Don't say that!" Tira said.

"But there were zombies outside!" She said.

Then we heard moaning and boards falling to the floor. We looked at eachother and nodded.

We all went to a window and started shooting zombies. I took the window at top.

Brobee the one near the entrance.

Kaily the one underneath the stairs that lead to the Theater.

Tira the one that is very dark, and all you can see are the glowing eyes of the undead.

We all shot the zombies until we ran out of ammo.

"Out of ammo!" I yelled from upstairs.

Then we heard a voice screech, "max ammo!"

"Well atleast we get those perks," Brobee said.

As the wave ended, I heard footsteps behind.

I turned around and aimed by gun at a tall man. This man wore a World War 2 German n**i outfit, I just couldn't see his face.

"Now now," he said," Zhere is no need for zat."

The voice sounds all too familar.

I lowered my gun, and he stepped closer to me. He had a big grin on his face.

I stared in shock.

I screamed.

My friends came running up to see why I had screamed so loud.

"Aleesa are yo-" Tira started saying but stopped.

Then they stared at the back of the man that made me scream.

The man stared at me in confusion.

I started jumping up and down squeeling.

"Y-your! Richtofen!" I squeeled louder.

Richtofen just stared at me, probably creeped out I thought.

My friends just stared at the German.

Brobee blinked a couple times.

"Is this an illusion?" He said.

"I don't think so," Tira said.

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Awesome story! That's a beastly game by the way
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Quote:Originally posted by: RockOnJAwesome story! That's a beastly game by the wayikr? I love that game! This isn't even the end of the chapter my friend just wanted to read it so I posted what I had so far :D
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Wait wasn't I in this story before? Heh, I Actually have to post my story up that I wrote soon >
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