"Did some body say hollow?" a voice said from the corner.

"This voice is-"

Hollow Ichigo appeared in the corner and smirked at his human buddy, "How's it going partner?

"What are you doing here?! I thought I could only see you if I was inside my soul!" Ichigo cried.

"Nope." Hollow Ichigo said.

"Then why-"

"I just thought I'd visit you that's all. It gets pretty lonely when you're with zangetsu." Hollow Ichigo walked up to Ichigo and placed his hand on his cheek, "I'm looking for some excitement. Huah!"

Hollow Ichigo tried to cut Ichigo with his Zangetsu.

Ichigo dodged through reflex and immediately changed to soul reaper form, "What was that for?!"

"I said I was looking for excitement!" Hollow Ichigo shouted. He clashed swords with Ichigo but Ichigo praried the blade and deflected the attack.

"Let's bring this outside, I don't wanna wreck the house." Ichigo said.

"Naw." Hollow Ichigo put his Zangetsu away, "I'm bored already."


"I said I'm bored." Hollow Ichigo walked up stairs towards Ichigo's room.

"Hey you!" Ichigo shouted, "Where are you going?!"

Hollow Ichigo smiled mischievilously and turned around, "Call me Hichigo. And I'm going to your room of course, I'm tired."

to be cont

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lol i love this XD
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Quote:Originally posted by: Tobiuchihalol i love this XD
  • August 6, 2011
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