I sometimes feel like doing this. This is not a real story, I made it up.

Amber slammed her room door, and sat on her bed. The dark colors of her room calmed her while she was trying to forget about her parents.

"I can't take thier ?!@# anymore," Amber told herself, "I can't take this world anymore."

Amber layed down on her bed, and stared at the ceiling. She made a song play in her head: 'Darkness: By Nightcore'. She liked that song; it had a great beat.

Amber sat up, and looked on her dresser. Her pair of sissors was sitting on it, and that was there to open packages, and sometimes to cut paper to make things.

But she then got another idea of how to use the sissors.

She hated her parents.

She hated her life.

She hated the world.

And everyone else hated her back.

So what was the use of living?

Amber stood up, and took a deep breath. She grabbed the sissiors.

She thought of the fastest part to cut to get it over with quickly. To end her pain. To end her sorrow. To end her life.

First she thought about her wrists. But that takes about 20 minutes to die from, the blood would take too long to seem out.

Then her throat was an idea. It would end in about 30 seconds. She then agreed with that idea, and opened her sissiors.

She made the sissiors move closer to her throat; her memories of her life flashing through her mind.

She remembered when she was 5, she got a new bike.

"Mommy, thank you! I wanted this!" Her mother smiled at her, pleased that her daughter loved her gift.

The sissiors got closer.

I'm sorry.

When she was 7, she made a new friend.

"Hi, I'm Amber!"

"I'm Rebecca!"

The sissors were closer.

So sorry.

When she was 10, she had her first puppy.

"I'm going to name it Spot!" Amber smiled, and the puppy's tounge lollied.

The sissiors were at her throat.

Please forgive me.

When she was 12, she went to camp.

"And... that's how to make a fire." The scout leader smiled, then chimed, "Now, who wants smores'?"

"Me!" Amber cheered.

The sissiors puctured her throat.


Crimson liquid flooded out of her neck. Her vision got blurry, and her head started to hurt. She was dizzy, and fell on the floor. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

I'll see you... later.

The song in her head stopped playing.

Her body turned cold. The blood fell to her carpet, and her black carpet had a puddle of blood, staining it.

It was only going to be a matter of time until her parents were going to walk upstairs to forgive her about the fight.

Awesome story!
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Quote:Originally posted by: WeLoveAnime98Awesome story!
Thanks ^^
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