"Hey wait!" Ichigo shouted after Hichigo, "Why are you here? How did you get out of my soul?"

"Huh? Oh, that's easy, I just slip right out." Hichigo said.


"I am where you are, Ichigo. I'm part soul reaper too ya know." Hichigo explained, laying down on Ichigo's bed.

"When are you leaving?" Ichigo asked.

"Never." Hichigo replied simply.

Ichigo eyed Hichigo carefully. 

"So...what's for dinner?" Hichigo asked.


"Yeah, dinner. You eat don't you?"

"I never invited you to dinner."

"You did now." Hichigo smirked.

* * *

"That was a good meal." Hichigo stretched out on the couch of the living room.

"Are you leaving now?" Ichigo asked, irritated. He had to make curry, and each time he turned away, Hichigo would steal a carrot or two.

"I told you, never." Hichigo burped.

"Well you need to. Cuz I'm not gonna take care of you like this-"

Hichigo grabbed Ichigo by the collar and slamed him into the wall.

"What the hell?!" Ichigo gasped.

"YA THINK I'M GONNA SIT LIKE A OBEDIENT PUPPY ALL MY LIFE?!!!!" Hichogo yelled at Ichigo, "I have a life I wanna live too!"

Hichigo threw Ichigo down, and kicked him in the face, "I may be a hollow, but I have a life. I wanna do things, eat things, and meet people, but you are always in the way!"

"Whadaya mean?" Ichigo managed to spit out.

Hichigo turned around and stared at the ground, " I want to be like you, Ichigo."

Ichigo sat up and wiped his blood covered face.

"I dont want to be stuck in a lonely sideways world, with nothing but a sword to talk to." Hichigo continued, " I...Want...to live."

"Dude, are you crying?" Ichigo asked.

Hichigo turned around, "No. But you should be." 


Hichigo, all in rage again, grabbed Ichigo's hair and slammed his head against the wall a couple times while laughing, "You will suffer! You will pay for all my misery! Evrything! Everything!!!!"

Ichigo kicked off the wall and tried to crawl away from Hichigo, but Hichigo took no chances. Hichigo gave Ichigo a good kick in the crotch and smiled at the sight of Ichigo grimacing in pain.Ichigo looked at Hichigo in fear, he couldnt reach his soul reaper badge.

Gently, Hichigo lifted Ichigo's head, and smirked, " You, will pay..." 

to be cont

this is getten really really really good ^,..,^
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Quote:Originally posted by: Tobiuchiha
this is getten really really really good ^,..,^
  • August 9, 2011
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