This story is deticated to my inner-self. Dead.

   This night was magical. Amber was on her first date. Her dream, Josh, was sitting beside her. They held hands, staring up into the night.

Amber set her head on Josh's shoulder, and relaxed.

"I love you, Josh," Amber whispered, smiling at the words.

"I love you, too." Josh grinned, glancing at Amber.

They stared up into the night, enjoying thier eachother's company. The moon shined onto the lake in front of them.

   About a half hour into thier date, Josh looked at his watch.

"Oh god, I gotta go." Josh said, shocked.

"What do you have to do?" Amber questioned.

"Oh, uh, I'm late. I was suppoused to be home 15 minutes ago."

"I'll see you, then." Amber kissed Josh, and they smiled.

"Bye," Josh chimed, and walked away.


   It was the night after the date, and Amber was waiting for Josh. They were going to the same place they went to yesterday.

"He's about 10 minutes late," Amber said aloud to herself, "I wonder where he is."


Amber looked up, and her face brightened. Josh was coming her way.

"Josh!" Amber ran torwards him, and reached him. They had a short kiss, then Josh panted,

"I'm sorry, I had to sneak out today."

Amber smiled, then said, "Let's go then."


      They were sitting next to eachother in the moonlight. They were holding hands once again, leaning thier bodies on eachother.

Josh leaned off of Amber, and looked at her straight in her eyes. His eyes gleamed, and Amber blushed.

"Amber, I-"

A gunshot was heard.

Josh was knocked to the ground, his eyes were crossed. A hole went through his head, staining his blonde hair. A puddle of blood started to form in the grass.

Amber stood there, all the love and compassion leaving her face. Now she showed true terror.

"Josh? Josh!"

He didn't respond.

Amber couldn't do anything. She was frozen in terror. She didn't even look for the murderer.

She just sat there.

The night suddently didn't feel magical. The night was bitter cold, with the smell of death.

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