Pay? Ichigo thought half mindedly. He couldnt think or see straight because of the many blows to the head he recieved.

Hichigo snickered quietly to himself and dragged Ichigo towards the couch. He picked up Ichigo, put him in a sitting position, and brought out his sword. Ichigo saw the sword double and triple and back again as it pointed at his nose. His eyes wouldn't focus, and they were tired.

Hichigo brought the sword down and sliced Ichigo's shirt open. A sweaty but bruised chest gleamed in the light.

"Yes..." Hichigo murmured. Then, slowly again, pointed the sword at Ichigo's heart. 

Stop! Ichigo thought. His weary hand shook as he tried to grab Hichigo's sword. 

Hichigo being Hichigo, teasingly played keep away. Ichigo, tried his best to grab the sword, but his energy was depleting with every attempt.

"Hmph, you're getting tired." Hichigo said disappointedly, so he made a shallow slit right underneath Ichigo's collar bone. The slit turned red, and blood started to trickle down Ichigo's body like a leaking faucet. It was slow, but painful. Ichigo bit his lip to bear the pain. 

"Looks like you got dirty." Hichigo whispered with sarcasm, "want me to clean that up for you?"

Hichigo smacked his one helluva long tongue, and licked Ichigo's wound. The wetness made Ichigo shiver. But oddly, Ichigo liked the sensation.

"I'll give you two days to make your decision." Hichigo opened a nearby window, "When I come back, you have to tell me whether you'll join me or not."

"" Ichigo breathed.

"Yes, join me. Be my obedient puppy, or die." Hichigo said, then he jumped out into the night.

to be cont

it's getting better and better everytime u post a new one XD. i can't wait till u get part 5 up ^,..,^
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Quote:Originally posted by: Tobiuchihait's getting better and better everytime u post a new one XD. i can't wait till u get part 5 up ^,..,^teehee. yeah, just wait and see
  • August 11, 2011
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