Malori Peri. A French transfer like me, except I'm an American tranfer. A girl sat next to me, she isn't Malori Peri but she looked like another person who looked popular. Purple plastic bangs hanging out of her ears, pink lipstick plastered on her thick lips, a pink tight strap jacket which shows her breasts....she looked like a spoiled whore. I tried not to stare as I glanced at my skirt. I hate Kenem. So much.

   The girl looked from my side, she smile. That's when she whispered to another girl by her side.

"Hi. My name is Midori Koko."

   I looked up, looking to the right.

"I-ah-um...I'm A-Aledelin."

   Is that my name? I forgot. Midori smiled, we didn't speak much but sometimes she would bring up small topics like new accessories and girl talk. I never understand girls. She stood up when the bus stopped to our new girls academy.That's when she helped me up and shoved my body to the floor.

"Nice trip!" Snickered Midori.

   I hate that b!itch already. I hate her so damn much. I see the same familiar face. She looked below me. That's Melari alright,

"I..I-I'm Melari...are-are-ar-are you-y-you al-umm-alright?"

   She took too many words to talk in a simple sentence, her cheeks were red and pink.

"I'm Adel." I smiled.

"Midori is really mean but if you know her, she might be nice...."

   Might be...? Might be? She hated me from the start, maybe because Midori's supposed to be the one in the spotlight. I hated girls like that. "Why do you know so much about her...?" I asked. I slipped out the wrong question. My job is suppose to befriend Peri but it seems like a hard task...maybe not.

"I'm...her....well I was once her...nevermind." Hesitated the shy girl.

   I slightly shook my bangs as we both walk inside.


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