so you all know i love pixie hollow and no one knows i started writing stories about it so there are 2 stories i made up and now my brain is frozen! can you give me ideas i will give you credit is ieaver post full versions somewhere well here is what i have so far on my first story:

One day Rose was walking by Havendish Stream. When suddenly a big blow of wind pulled her closer to the stream. Rose triped into the stream. Luckaly her water talent friend named James was walking on the other side of the stream. He saw the problem and quickly a bubble filled with air surrounded Rose. But he hadin't through it all out for when wings are wet they can't fly. But at least Rose was safe.

that was my first chapter of story 1 here is story 2

    I woke up this morning in my tree stump home to the sound  of male fairies playing berry ball. One said "Hey Mark  got any plans today?"  Mark replied  "Yeah , going to the Sea Shell  Search."  I was listening and remembered The Sea Shell  Search " Oh no I have to get down to the cove and super fast!"  I left my comfy, sky blue cotton puff bed. Afterwards I ate some raspberry pips. Then I changed out of my PJs faster than a cheetah could run a mile. Then I feed Tinkerbell the ladybug grabbed a bag to collect shells with and flew out my window because I did not want to waste time flying three stories down go out a door and fly back up.
    By the time I got to the cove a lot of the shells where gathered. I flew to my group of fairy workers and said "Hey team sorry I'm late I overslept. Now we need to gather enough shells to make 70 bowls we get to search the east side of the cove so lets get to it!"
    I headed to the east it was a bit of a walk so I visited planet daydream  but suddenly I but into someone we both went tumbling down a dune. "What in Neverland do you think you're doing?" Someone said in a yelling voice. Then I realized it was Sam the second meanest fast flier. Sam had dark red hair that flowed down to her feet and piercing green eyes. "Sorry Sam I didn't mean to bump into you." I said slowly "Yeah right." Sam said with a glare.

Thats my second story that one i spent more time on now i only need an idea i dont need an entire script but if you can make one i will use some of it if i like it.

thanks a ton


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