Dedicated to Daughter, your songs inspire me Smile.

   Crushed and buried in the landfill, I could feel my red swollen eyes water. Rain pours down my thick hot neck. As if the cold icy arrows could hurt my cheeks. That's when I could feel my feet buried in the trash of garbage. " torturous...." I mumbled. When I had finally stood up, I couldn't remember anything. I could only remember him-smiling gracefully. I cannot walk. Leave me in the rain.

   My tears broke up again, why am I crying? I walked to the edge to the landfill and quickly jumped inside the glass of sea. Drowing to the depths of the bottom to the glass sea. I want you so much....but I hate your guts...leave me in the ocean. Drown me down until I die...leave me in the landfill...

   That's when I opened my eyes, gasping in horror. I was sent to the hospital. I wanted you again. I love you...but I hate you.



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